OnHand Counsel's The Business: Legal briefing 30 January 2014

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What comfort is a comfort letter? Recent case

A guarantee

Interested in recovering interest and recovery costs?

Guest article: pension tension

In this series of legal briefings I update you about recent developments in corporate or commercial law. Some of these briefings will hopefully resonate with some of you some of the time. I explain some of the context and background law, and perhaps give some specific tips. And maybe ramble or even rant a bit.


What comfort is a comfort letter? Recent case
If you are doing business with any company you want to know they’ll be good for their obligations and won’t go bust on you. If you’re dealing with a subsidiary of a large successful company you might be prepared to overlook the subsidiary’s weak-looking financial position (assuming you’ve checked it out in the first place) provided that you are given what is known as a ‘comfort letter’ from the parent company.
But are comfort letters worth the paper they’re written on? Shouldn’t you be asking for a proper guarantee instead? Check out this recent case.

Rating system:
Reading time (1-10 minutes): 4 minutes
Sophistication level (1 (idiot) – 10 (expert)): 6
Entertainment value (1 (turgid) – 10 (side-splitting)): 5


A guarantee
On the subject of guarantees, here’s a precedent you could use for a clause to slot into an agreement between you and a customer.


Rating system:
Reading time (1-10 minutes): 2 minutes
Sophistication level (1 (idiot) – 10 (expert)): 7
Entertainment value (1 (turgid) – 10 (side-splitting)): 2


Interested in recovering interest and recovery costs?
I thought it would be topical (seeing as I have quite a few overdue bills owing to me at the moment) to pen a quick article about the late payment legislation. In particular, did you know that since March 2013 you can recover ‘reasonable costs’ in recovering the debt?

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Reading time (1-10 minutes): 2 minutes
Sophistication level (1 (idiot) – 10 (expert)): 4
Entertainment value (1 (turgid) – 10 (side-splitting)): 6


Bonus guest article: pension tension
And finally, a short bonus guest article about one loophole in the recent proposed increases in pension ages


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Reading time (1-10 minutes): <1 minute
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Entertainment value (1 (turgid) – 10 (side-splitting)): 8


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